About us


3rd generation Master Butcher at T Bartlett and Sons, New Milton. Alan uses skills and techniques that have been handed down the generations since the Butchers opened in 1938. He sources all of the meet from local farmers and small holdings , ensuring the very best cuts are selected for A Pinch of Salt's charcuterie range.


Chef Director at The Pig, James uses his original recipes and methods, handed down through his family, to prepare the cured meats. James takes regular trips to Italy and France to research different methods and flavours to keep the A Pinch Of Salt's recipies fresh and dynamic.


James has known Alan since he was a lad as Mr T Bartlett and son was his family butchers for most of his childhood life. The curing company is owned by Alan and the relationship between both parties means you will still find James at the butchers most Sunday mornings making and developing the cured meats alongside Alan in a constant search to produce the best uk cured meats.