Wholesale British Charcuterie

Coppa – Dry cured collar of free range Hampshire pork – fennel & cinnamon
Lomo – Dry cured loin of free range Hampshire pork- Smoked paprika & oregano
Karma Ham – 12-18 mth aged air dried ham from free range Hampshire pork – Garlic & bay leaf
Bresaola – Cured in red wine and air dried Local Pennington Beef- Red wine & Rosemary
Chorizo – (large & minis)made with Hampshire free range pork shoulder & belly – Smoked paprika, garlic & fennel
Pancetta – Air dried pork belly made with Hampshire free range pork – Rosemary & chilli
Gold award winner at Hampshire Fare
Salami – (large & minis) made with Hampshire free range pork shoulder & belly – Red wine, Garlic & thyme

We also offer a slicing service for a small extra charge.


We supply our meat to the wholesale market in whole ready to slice pieces weighing in at about 1kg for the Lomo, Breasola and Coppa, a Hampshire air dried leg (similar to a Parma ham or Serrano) is usually about 5kg and the chorizo between 300g-400g a stick.

We also have also started a range of pre-sliced product ready to eat for retail purposes.

We are happy to meet for tasting sessions.